Best Facebook Proxy Login Sites to Unblock Facebook 2017

Facebook allows you to access their social network by signing up for a free account. Facebook has over billion users in their database, and more than 500 million people are active each day. Since the social media giant has the attention of the Facebook, which also includes online threats that the developer team fight against every day. There’s responsibility for the Facebook to ensure the safety of the user’s privacy and information.

They have added security that can block your account right away and you cannot even get a hold of a Facebook authority in the resolution. You have to solve it on your own first, if everything fails, you can contact the administration for further investigation

Best Facebook Proxy Login Sites to Unblock Facebook 2017

Among the best, here are the 5 Proxy login sites you can use to unblock facebook.

Note: We do not guarantee the safety nor a working solution. Instead of solving the problem, it can make things worse for you. Make sure to re-consider before proceeding.

*1 LoginProxy

LoginProxy is all about getting your access to the site, which is either blocked in your country to your account is blocked. The reasons I would place my bets on it because the server they are using is new. Which means a lot of Websites and Tools have not blacklisted the IP of LoginProxy, so the chances of working are higher.

*2 Paid VPN

We know that we are talking about the Proxy here, but I would strongly recommend you to go for the paid (Monthly) VPN services because not many people would go for the paid version. The paid servers IP are rarely gets blacklisted because the websites treat it as a Home network. Even Facebook will address the paid server as Home Network.

*3 KProxy

I won’t deny it, but KProxy is hugely popular and used by many people. However, the KProxy team always renew their server IP to get out of the blacklisted list. To identify, whether if its new or old, all you have to do is to Go to Google > Type: What’s my IP? > and not down the IP. Come back after few days and recheck again.

*4 Facebook Proxy

A team has specially developed and designed a site so that you can access the Facebook without any hassle. By using F.P, you can access the social media giant even when the account is blocked. The F.P uses unique server ID which changes its IP from time to time keep out of the sight of FB detectors. They never show up on the radar, so that you can log in to the account with any hassle.

*5 ProxyMice

Currently, more than 100 of sites are available, who promise you to get you back to your account but not many of them are authentic, and things will get even worse. However, ProxyMic creates a unique link, which will help you access the Facebook without getting into the radar with one-click.


We have shortlisted some of the unique Facebook Proxy Login Sites, which assists you to get back your account in an instant. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section.

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